Tuesday, July 23, 2013

More Women opt in for Engineering Nowadays

Overall the number of new students fell nine percent to 106 300 for the summer and winter for the registration of 2012/2013, but the Federal Statistics Office, which released the figures, said it is mainly to do with statistical quirk.

Many men enrolled in the last year of engineering studies generally following the German government's decision to end the military service required. That inflated the figures for 2011.

Statistics are still able to detect increased 2.7 percent in the number of female students want to become an engineer, profession dominated by men long not only in Germany but in other places.

Male enrollment fell by 12 percent, but the office does not care about the data that emerged, noted that the pattern seems back to normal after a big rise in 2011, especially from a man who no longer have to take time off between secondary and university studies because of military service is no longer needed.